Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Katharine or Taylor?

So who's it going to be. After watching tonight's show, I think Taylor will win. But I'm still going to vote for Katharine because I love her voice! I thought her first two songs were great - they were my favorites from the show! But I didn't love the last song. I thought the verses were to low. Can't wait until tomorrow night!

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Reed Family said...

Didn't watch or vote. Thanks for the update. Of course tonight, I plan on watching LOST season finale! I am really into it! I'll check your blog tomorrow for my American Idol update! Have you seen that Capital One commercial with the guy singing "Don't break my heart..." Very funny! I hope Taylor wins, I liked him from his audition. He's different and I think that is what American wants. I think we have enough women. I can't remember what Katherine sounds like.

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