Saturday, May 06, 2006

Zach is back

Zachary got back from Ruidoso last night. They weren't supposed to come home until today, but they finished what they were working on and decided to come home a little early. Zachary had a good time. I don't know how they will be ready for camps in less than a month. There is no kitchen yet, the dorms don't all have toilets yet, the multi-purpose building (where the kitchen is) is just sheetrock with nothing in it yet. They are going to have to do some "Extreme Home Makeover" style work to get it finished!

Ok, so the sea lion was a bust. The knitting was just too stretchy to get it to shape right. But I learned a lot working on it. I'm not taking a pic because it just looks like a stuffed sock! I've now started on a lion and I think this one will work. I'm using different yarn and smaller needles and the knitting is stiffer. I'll keep you posted.

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Reed Family said...

No toilets! No problems! They could use an outhouse just like Survivor!

As for the stuffed sock! Very funny! Made me laugh! You should try selling it on ebay. Call it a "Sea Lion embrio". That's a little sick, huh?

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