Friday, May 05, 2006

Zach's trip

Zachary called last night. He called from Pastor Clyde's cell phone while they were on their way to dinner in town. Sounds like he's having fun. Yesterday they cleaned out the dorms. They are finished but still had construction trash in them. He said today they will be building a brick retaining wall. Maybe he'll come back with some muscles from lifting bricks! He said the view up there is amazing.

And now he wants to go to youth camp. He had already said he didn't, but now that he's seen what it's like up there he wants to go. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I would love for him to go, but I'm just not sure how he'll do. He can hardly make it through Wed. night Royal Rangers without getting upset about something. I told him we'd talk about it when he got home.

Time to get Ben to preschool, then I have couple of hours to myself before I pick up Jon at noon. They are having field day (outside games) today and get out early. I think I'll come home and knit. I finished knitting the body of the sea lion. Now I have to do the tail and fins and put it together. I ordered eyes on the internet and can't finish it until those come (they go in before you stuff it). But I have orders (from my boys - and they don't pay very well!) for a monkey, penguin, and lion, so I'll start on one of those.

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