Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I love summer!

I love days like today - no school, no schedule, no appointments! I didn't get to sleep in because Benjamin got me up at 7 am, but I took a nap after lunch! I took the boys to Payless for new tennies this morning. Benjamin got "Cars" shoes (aren't they cute!) and Jonathan got Batman shoes. Not exactly what I had in mind, but they love them! We went to Taco Bell for lunch after that. Now it's time to get dinner and get them to VBS.

They are loving VBS and so am I. Monday night Greg and I went to dinner and talked uninterrupted for 2 hours! Last night I got my Bunco shopping finished - I host on Monday. I'm doing a flip flop theme! Tonight I get to go out with a couple of friends. I could get used to this!

I guess Zachary is ok at camp. I haven't heard anything. I should get a report tonight from Greg's parents. They are driving back tonight and have cataract surgery in the morning (2nd eye for each of them so they should be seeing really well by the weekend).

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Destiny said...

Your turtle is just too cute!! I like that!!!

I am glad that you got to have a day where it wasnt fast paced and loaded with things to do!!! Good days like that are very rare when you have children!!! But kids are great and well worth it!

I hope you get a report on your son soon!! I bet he is just havin a blast at Camp!!! You will hear soon enough and I imagine it will be all good things and just how busy he has been having a great time!!!

God Bless and I hope you have a great weekend!!!

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