Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The turtle is finished!

I finally finished the turtle this afternoon. Raise The Roof I made this one out of left over cotton yarn. I am kind of tired of the stuffed animals now. I like to knit, but I hate sewing the pieces together - and this one had a lot of sewing! I started on a black lacy poncho a few days ago. I wanted a project I could work on in the car while we are driving during our vacation. I think it is going to turn out nice.

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Reed Family said...

You didn't say what you were making on your vacation. Is it a beautiful afgan for your wonderful friend in Massachusetts! :) I know, you didn't want to spoil the surprise! I'm still waiting to see the marachis on your blog with one of the boys holding it in their hand! I say make the marachis on your vacation!

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