Tuesday, July 18, 2006


We had a busy weekend. Friday was our 16th wedding anniversary. Have we really been married that long?! Greg's parents watched the boys and we went to dinner and a movie. We ate at the new Pei Wei (chinese). It was great. Then we saw The Lake House. It was a good movie.

Saturday morning we had practice for the kids musical at church (more about that in a minute). Saturday afternoon I went shopping. I was in desperate (well maybe not desperate) need of some new clothes. I've lost about 12 pounds since the first of the year and all my clothes are too big. I finally decided it was time to get some clothes that fit. All the summer stuff is on clearance now, so I did pretty good. And I'm a size 8 now!!! I've been a 12 for years. Boy that feels good!

Sunday evening Zachary and Jonathan were in a kids musical at church called Hallelujah Heart. I was the assistant director. It was really cute. Zachary was one of the main characters, Chuckwagon Charlie. Jonathan had a couple of speaking lines too. They both did great!

Greg's parents will be leaving tomorrow morning. They have been here since Christmas and we have gotten used to having them around. We are going to miss them. But I know the rest of the family wants some time with them too. So I guess we have to share!


Reed Family said...

Happy Anniversary Skinny! Time flies where you having fun, Huh?!

Connie said...

Hey Robin .. I heard via Kaye that the Kids musical was a success .. she said that you were awesome help ... so glad for you all ... anyway .. I got your message about Heart Beat ...

I thought I would still keep you as a member if you didn't want a partner for right now ... I can get your partner another partner ... but, I would like to keep you on the list as a member ... no pressure! ha!

Have a great day!!
Hugs, Connie

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