Monday, August 14, 2006

First day of school

We had our first day of homeschool today. It went great. Zachary and Jonathan both finished most of their book work in the morning. Then they practiced their instruments after lunch. Greg is working with Jonathan on the drums. Zachary starts band next Monday, so he's getting back in shape on the saxophone. Benjamin even did some preschool worksheets too. He and Jonathan both have desks in the guest room. Zachary does his work at a desk in his room. I think I can do this!

We had fun last week with Greg off work. Wednesday, we drove over by Grants and saw an ice cave and a volcano crater and Inscription Rock at El Moro. Friday, we went to Bandalier National Monument by Los Alamos to see Indian ruins and cave dwellings. All very fun and educational! I took some time for myself on Saturday. I went to the movies and saw Step Up, a pretty good movie. Then I cruised the mall and Target for a while.

Last night, I went to a lecture put on by Answers In Genesis about the age of the earth and the flood. It was so good. I'm getting all excited about creation science now. I really believe a literal 6 day creation and a global flood are foundational to everything we believe as Christians. I ordered a magazine and some books they put out. I want to encorporate some of this in our schooling. Check out

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Reed Family said...

They look very cute all dressed and ready for the day. Love the set up. Very nice. It sounds like you will be the next Lisa Whelchel. Have you checked out her website.

You are are good mommy!

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