Friday, September 08, 2006

Knitting Class

I taught my first knitting class last night. I have had several friends asking me if I could teach them to knit. So, I decided to organize a class. I had 7 ladies here last night. A couple of them had knit before (so just needed a refresher) or knew how to crochet. The rest were starting from scratch. But everyone was knitting by the end of the evening. Some were still making mistakes (same mistakes I made when I learned!) and had split yarn and extra stitches. I sent them all home with 43 stitches on their needles and instructions for a simple dishcloth. They are supposed to come back next week with the cloth finished so I can show them how to bind off (and a few other things). It will be interesting to see how their first projects turn out! I really had fun teaching them and I think they all had fun too.

Tonight, Greg and I have a date! We are going to see Carrie Underwood (last years American Idol winner) in concert at the state fair. We are going to eat at the fair before the concert. Greg said we could have a turkey leg and a fried twinkie! Don't know about that, but I'm sure we will find something yummy.

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