Friday, November 24, 2006

Our Thanksgiving

We had a great week. Our friends that moved last year were here on their way to Silver City for Thanksgiving. They spent the night at our friends' house. I took the boys over there Wednesday morning so they could spend a little time with Emma and Jackson. Then we had lunch at Dion's. There were a lot of people there to see Jack and Lori. It wasn't near long enough, but at least we got to see them for a little while.

Zachary with his good friend Brandon.

Me with Alyson and Lori.

Jackson and Benjamin

Emma and Jonathan (the sun was a little bright!)

Greg had to (got to! - we are thankful for his great job!) work on Thanksgiving. But the boys and I spent the afternoon and had a great dinner with our friends the Raykovics and the Rydeskis. Dinner was at their parents' house. It was great and I didnt' have to cook! Then Greg met us at the movie theater when he got off work. A bunch of us went to see Santa Clause 3. It was a cute movie.

So I have much to be thankful for: a great husband and kids, a beautiful home, wonderful friends and family. God has blessed us and I am truly thankful for all he's done for me.

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