Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Greg's trip

Greg got home Monday night from his trip to Virginia to see his family. He had a great time. The ceremony for Bob's retirement was really nice. Tammie, Greg's niece (Bob's daughter), sang the National Anthem (Greg said it was amazing) and all four kids sang a song too. Tammie's husband Daniel put together a beautiful video with pictures through the years.

Greg finally got to see 'the lake house', his brother David's place at Lake Anna. It is beautiful! But there are still some things not quite finished with it yet. We will all get to see it next summer when we go out for their daughter Ellen's wedding.

Greg got to see all of his sister Jan's family and got to meet her son Nathan's fiance. He's getting married December 17, and I get to go! I had wanted to go, but we decided it was too close to Christmas and too much money. But after being with all his family and not having me there, he called Saturday afternoon and said, "Check the flights. You need to go to this wedding." We found a really good fare and I get to go. I leave next Friday afternoon and come back Monday night. I am so excited. I love Greg's family and I am glad one of us will get to be at the wedding.
It's a crazy time to be leaving but it will be so much fun.

Please pray for Greg's brother David. He is in the hospital with severe stomach pain. He just had pancreitis and his gall bladder removed 2 weeks ago. Now they aren't sure what's wrong with him.

We got the Christmas tree put up and the house decorated Saturday afternoon. The boys were a big help and the house looks very festive.

Benjamin has a Christmas program at preschool today. I'd better get ready to go!

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