Saturday, January 20, 2007

It's snowing again!

It's snowing again! It snowed about an inch last night and now it's snowing again. It doesn't seem to really be sticking to the roads too much. Greg's parents are supposed to fly in tonight. I hope they make it. Also Greg is flying out to Florida tomorrow. Hopefully everyone gets where they need to go.

I couldn't sleep last night (had a Coke at McD's-I rarely have caffeine-should have known better!) so I stayed up late knitting. I'm almost done with the baby blanket. I'm about a 3rd of the way through the last skein. I'm determined to finish it today. Anyway, I worked on that some. Then I just couldn't help myself. My new Denise needles arrived, so I just had to try them out. I started a hat with the yarn leftover from my felted purse. I won't felt the hat though. So now I have 3 projects going (blanket, sock, hat) plus I want to start the sweater. Never enough time in the day for knitting!

Stay warm!

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Anonymous said...

It's cold her but bright and sunny. We had some snow but it's all melted. Happy snow! Can't wait to see all your knitting projects!


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