Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Knitting Update

I finished one sock! It took longer than it should have. I kept making mistakes and had to unknit and redo. My goal on the next sock is no mistakes! I'll post a picture when the 2nd one is done.

I've got yarn for my sweater now. I decided to rip out the "way too big" sweater and use that. The boys had fun helping me wind up that yarn. I ordered a set of interchangeable circular needles to use for the sweater. (Each sweater takes at least 3 different sizes, lengths.) Now I shouldn't have to buy any more needles! But I'm not starting the sweater until I finish the sock and the baby blanket.

Company's coming! Greg's parents are flying in Saturday evening. With the crazy weather across the country, they decided it would not be wise to try to drive the motor home. They will probably stay about a month. We are all excited to have them here. It's great for me too as Greg will be out of town next week. He will be in Florida (poor thing!) for a management training class.

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