Saturday, February 03, 2007

Sweater update

I didn't take a picture yet, but my sweater is coming along nicely. I'm about halfway done with the body, then I have to go back and knit the sleeves. The pattern is working out and it will fit this time. I'm not crazy about the yarn, but I will wear the sweater. I'll definitely do another sweater soon with yarn I love.

I taught a someone how to knit yesterday. A lady at church heard me talking about my knitting and asked if I would teach her. She had tried crochet, but didn't like it - it hurt her hands. So she came over yesterday afternoon. She was very excited to learn and caught on quickly. I should get a report of her progress tomorrow at church.

I'm also teaching my mother-in-law to knit socks. She thinks she needs me, but she really doesn't. I gave her the book I learned from and she's doing it on her own.

My boys are probably freezing by now. Grandpa, Zachary, and Jonathan went on the Royal Ranger (kind of like Boy Scouts at church) winter Powwow (campout). I think it was in the teens last night and they were tent camping, though I think they and some kind of heater for the tent. They will be back this afternoon and then we'll see how they survived!

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