Saturday, July 14, 2007

17 years!

Today is our 17th wedding anniversary! It sure doesn't feel like its been 17 years. I am thanking God today for the wonderful husband and family He's given me. I am more in love with Greg every day. He is more than I ever could have wanted in a husband. Love you babe!

At about 7:30 this morning we heard rattling around in the kitchen. The boys made breakfast for us! It was Zachary's first attempt at pancakes. The batter was way too thick and he did not cook them long enough. A few of them were edible, but we ended up pulling frozen ones out of the freezer to finish. But it's the thought that counts! They set the dining room table and made us a card too. Sweet boys!

Greg got me a Willow Tree figurine called Together. It is beautiful. I have another one that my sister gave me a couple years ago (a flute playing angel). I guess I'm starting a collection!

We won't get to go out until next weekend. Greg has to work tonight, plus Greg's parents will be here next weekend so they can stay with the boys.

***Just got pink roses delivered too!!!***


Anonymous said...

Sweet bliss! Very happy for you and it was great to talk to you yesterday. Love the pancakes.

Sandi said...

Happy Anniversary! Pancakes, Angels, and roses, what a great way to celebrate! Sandi

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