Friday, August 31, 2007

28 week baby

I have a friend (Tiffany, her husband was our youth pastor at church) whose baby was born yesterday at 28 weeks. Baby Joy weighs 1 lb 7oz and is doing well. She is on a ventilator but is taking some breaths on her own. She is having no other complications at the moment. She will be in the hospital until sometime in November. Tiffany is recovering from a c-section but is doing well. I got to see the baby today. She is tiny - her leg is as big around as my thumb. Here's a pic, but you just can't imagine how small she is, but absolutely perfect! She is a miracle! I knit these hats and tube socks for her. I made the smaller hat first from a pattern, but thought it was too small. The second one is just a little bigger, but it should fit. I hope I can get a picture of her wearing them.

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