Monday, August 06, 2007


We have an extra dog for the week. Our friends went to Indianapolis for the National Fine Arts Festival for the Assemblies of God. Their son (Zachary's friend Brandon) is participating with a guitar solo. They never expected him to make it as this is only his second year. But he did and they are very excited. Anyway, we offered to keep their dog for them. Dorito is a sheltie and the total opposite of Amy. Amy runs and bounces everywhere. Dorito walks around like an old man (but he's only 3 or 4)! He is a very calm dog, Amy is not! Zachary and Jonathan got up early this morning and took them both for a walk. Here they are after they got back .

So we are all going to Houston next week. Greg got the whole week off. I am glad I don't have to drive all that way by myself. We will see my parents in Wichita Falls as well.

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