Friday, August 03, 2007


I know it's only the beginning of August, but I'm gearing up for our next year of homeschooling. Last week I went through all our new books. Yesterday we went shopping for a few school supplies. I got Benjamin a new red backpack. Even though he's not actually "going" to Kindergarten, I wanted him to have a new "big boy" backpack! Yesterday and today I did the first few days of lesson plans. I think I'm pretty much all ready to go, though we won't start until the 23. Band starts that day too. I was originally planning to start earlier, but now we are taking a trip to Houston to see my sister and won't be back until the 22nd. We leave the 14th after Bunco on the 13th - couldn't miss Bunco! We'll find out tomorrow if Greg can get off work to go with us. Otherwise it will be just me and the boys.


Sandi said...

We are preparing for school this coming week, and will start next Monday. We do need some time to get organized and rest after a couple of busy weeks. I haven't done any lesson plans, but I have done our Course of Study and it's a start!

Donna said...

I saw your blog link on KH and thought I would just peek in. Hope the boys have a great school year. I don't envy parents with school age kids. I am glad I can just be a Nonny to the grandsons now! lol I don't know where you live in NM, but my husband is from Las Cruces, lived there his whole life until he joined the Navy. Anyway, looking forward to seeing your log cabin blanket on KH. Donna (Nonny2t on KH)

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