Thursday, November 01, 2007

Lost Camera

So we were all dressed in our costumes (yes, even me!) last night and ready to go to our church's annual harvest festival (alternative to Halloween). I wanted to get pictures of the boys before we left. Just one problem - I couldn't find the camera! I knew it was in the house somewhere because I remembered looking at the pictures on it just a couple days before. Zachary said he last saw it in the big, brown leather chair in the living room. Well, I ran around like a crazy woman looking for it, getting more upset by the minute. My boys and I were all dressed up and I couldn't take a picture! We finally left with no camera. My friend Denise took some pictures of us at the church. (I'll post these when I get them from her.) I looked for it again when we got home (with way too much candy!) Couldn't find it. So Greg gets up this morning, checks the big, brown leather chair and says, "It's right here!" It had slipped down beside the BIG, BROWN LEATHER CUSHION!

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Sandi said...

Ha, same thing happened to us with our camera. We used it for a field trip on Monday and couldn't find it until today. It was in my computer bag!

I am starting to feel much better, just in time to spend time with our friends from TN.

After realizing our church calendar is so full from now until Christmas we decided to officially start in January. Sounds like you are pretty busy too, music director, mission trip, knitting ministry and lots of knittings...and family!

Have a great week! :-D Sandi

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