Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Look what I got!

So I have been hinting for months that I wanted one of these - Christmas, Valentine's Day, birthday. But nobody got me one. So I finally just came right out with it and told Greg I wanted one. So yesterday we went and bought one. Here it is - my very own Nintendo DS and it's PINK!

The only game I have for it right now is Brain Age. It's supposed to keep your brain young and make you smarter. So if I keep playing it and my violin (learning anything new is good for your brain) by the time I'm 40 I'll be a genius!


The Reed Family - Postings by Melody said...

Congrats on the DS!!! We just love borrowing Jordan's. We absolutely love Animal Crossing! I say it's a must-buy!!! Tim and I both love playing it! It may not exercise your brain but it's a lot of fun!

We are THAT family said...

I'm cracking up! I didn't know it was okay for adults to own one of these. But I do understand---my hubby bought me a Webkinz when the first came out and I slept with it every night and fed it pretend food and --just kidding. I do have one, though!

Robin said...

I have a Webkinz too! A pink poodle. A girl needs her toys!

Sandi said...

Happy Easter, Happy Belated Birthday and enjoy your new DS! My son and daughter both were able to buy theirs (they have been saving their money!). The first game my husband bought was Brain Age for him!

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