Monday, September 29, 2008

My exciting life

I've really got nothing exciting to blog about. My days pretty much all look the same: school, practicing, shuttling kids to band, church, and soccer practice. But I'll try to share a little of my boring life!

Zachary marched and played at another football game Friday night. He was supposed to have an extra practice Saturday morning, but the football team decided they needed the field worse than the band because they blew a big lead in the game (they still won!). Everyone knows football is more important than band so the band practice was canceled.

Jon and Ben had soccer games Saturday. Ben's team won. Jon's lost. That sounds familiar. Zachary refereed Ben's game and two more after that. I saw him talking to a GIRL in between quarters! A friend from band is also a referee.

We all went out for pizza Saturday night after the soccer games. Dion's has the best pizza anywhere (at least anywhere in New Mexico!)

Oh, this is kind of exciting - to me anyway. Zachary is doing so well in school they moved him to Honor's English and Algebra last week.

We are doing something kind of exciting tomorrow: McCall's Pumkin Patch field trip. Stay tuned for all the exciting details and pictures!

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The Reed Family said...

Congrats on the Honors classes. You did good, mom!

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