Monday, December 08, 2008


I love Nativity scenes. I have a very nice ceramic one that my sister gave us when we were first married. No picture because I didn't get it out this year. Here's the one I would love to have

but it's a little pricy. Maybe one of these years...

And then we have 2 Nativity scenes that are my boys favorites. We got these out yesterday.

Little People Nativity

Veggie Tales Nativity
Here's my favorite part. Jimmy and Jerry Gourd dressed up in a cow costume!

We aren't doing much decorating this year, but I'm glad we got these out. It reminds us all of what Christmas is actually all about - Christ!


Jennifer W. said...

I love your cabled background here - so cute! Adorable nativity scene - can see why the kids like it.

Anonymous said...

Veggie Tales is a well rounded Nativity. I love it. Where in the world did you find that one?


PS I must take up blogging again. Maybe I will next year. :) I can't make up my mind.

Sandi said...

I LOVE the Willow Tree Nativity, but not in my collection yet! Yesterday my daughter told me she got the little people one. She still loves it and I always use when I am working with children at church! Love the veggie tale one, may have to add that to my collection, too!

Amy said...

I love all of those! My kids would love the VT set! :) Too cute. I have a ceramic set that my sister painted for my mom many years ago. I haven't set it out for a few years b/c of little ones. I'd hate for any of them to get broken. I'd love a cheap but cute set to put out though.
Thanks for the comment on my blog about my baby and her knit pants. I got the backgrounds from (there's a link in the upper left corner of my blog if that doesn't work) and it's very easy to do, so easy that I change it frequently! :) Have a blessed day!

Catherine said...

I love the Nativities! I collect Nativity sets and will have pics up on my blog in the next day or two. We never got a Veggie Tales Nativity, but it is really cute.

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