Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Benjamin!

Today is Benjamin's 7th birthday.

Here's what he looked like 7 years ago.

And here he is today (well, last week actually).Benjamin is the last of our three boys. When we decided to have a 3rd child, we weren't "trying" for a girl. We wanted one more no matter what. And we are so thankful we had a third. Benjamin is a joy to us. He is sweet, funny, kind, sensitive and caring.

We aren't doing big parties anymore, but it will be a fun day. Greg took him (and Jonathan) to Chuck E Cheese this morning to play games. I'm so sad I wasn't invited - not! Tonight he is having a friend spend the night for the first time. I'm making him a chocolate chip cookie "cake" this afternoon and I think we will be having dinner at McDonald's. Fun!


Anonymous said...

What?! You weren't invited? And to think you missed out that cardboard pizza! HA!

The only good think about CC is the video games! :)

Our life is a bowl of Barry's said...

He is counting the hours...the present has been purchased...see you soon. Have to comment on that outfit of his 7 years ago...what was the clothing manufacturer THINKING?

Carolina Mama said...

Happy Birthday!

Stefunkc said...

Happy Birthday Benjamin!!

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