Friday, February 13, 2009

Old photos

I realized something today. Of the hundreds and hundreds of photos my camera has taken over the past 20 years, very few of them are of Greg and me together.

There's lots of pictures of the boys, of Greg and the boys, of me and the boys, of the boys and lots of other people, but hardly any of just us.

I'm going to start having my camera take more pictures of us!

I was making a Smilebox for Greg's Valentine and here's the few I found.

The very first picture of us together in 1989. I think we are both chewing on ice!

At a school banquet when we were first dating. I loved that pink dress my mom made for me. I still have it. Wonder if it still fits!

This is at my house. I think this is from the first time Greg came home with me and met the family.

Our engagement picture in 1990.

This is Christmas 1993. I was pregnant with Zachary.

At our neice's wedding in 2004.


I'm sure there are more somewhere. But I'm done looking through old pictures for today!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


We are THAT Family said...

The evolution of your hair is amazing!

This was just a 'fro me to you post waiting to happen :D

Our life is a bowl of Barry's said...

Oh, thank you for sharing those! Isn't it funny how we think we don't change that much but it is so obvious when old pictures come out. You have aged beautifully and look all the better! Oh, and Greg too!! I'll have to try and do a post like this too....

Tara said...

That is a great post of are an adorable couple. Come to think of it i don't have many photos of me and my hubby either....

Regina said...

getting better with age ;)

Sandi said...

How sweet! I am pretty sure we grew up in the same decade! Your hair styles were very much like mine through out the years!

The Wades said...

What cute little love birds! I loved seeing you guys through the years.

The chewing ice comment made me smile. :)

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