Monday, March 16, 2009

Having fun in Texas

I'm having a great time with my sister here in the great state of Texas. Today we went to Old Town Spring. A lot of the shops are closed on Mondays but we found a few open and managed to spend some money. Renee bought me a really cute tote bag. I'll be using it for a knitting bag.

It's also my brother-in-law's birthday. Yeah my sister married a guy with the same birthday! So tonight Renee's family and I and my mom are going out to eat. Mexican food - not sure how I feel about that. Once you've had New Mexican food, tex-mex just doesn't cut it! Then we're having birthday cake with my dad at his nursing home.

My wonderful husband surprised me with the most amazing gift - tickets to the Stephen Curtis Chapman/Michael W Smith United Tour concert in Colorado Springs in April. I've really wanted to go, but didn't think it would be possible. Greg decided to make it possible! Haven't figured out what we'll do with the puppy yet. Any volunteers?

By the way, the puppy now has a name: Kona. Like it?


The Wades said...

How long will you be gone? Would Hank big too big and rough for the little cutie? (Hank LOVES all dogs!) And is is a barker?? We're mostly outside dog kinda folks.

Jennifer said...

My parents live in Spring - small world!

The Wades said...


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