Monday, July 27, 2009

Nearing the end...

We are nearing the end of our vacation. It has been great. I'm ready
to get home, but I'm not ready to say goodbye to this amazing family.

Friday we spent the day with Greg's sister and niece at King's
Dominion amusement park. It was a near perfect day. The weather was
great, everyone got to ride what they wanted. No one whined!

Saturday David (Greg's brother) came home! It has been so great to
finally spend some time with him and his wife Doelyn (Hi Doelyn!).
She's spent the last two mornings trying to fatten us up with her
yummy breakfasts!

Today we are driving to Lynchburg, VA to visit Liberty University with
Zachary and our niece Hannah. Hannah will be attending there in the
fall. We are looking at it as an option for Zach in 3 years. Is
college really only 3 years away?!

Jon and Ben stayed at the lake and are going fishing with Grandpa and
uncle David (if he can manage the walk down).

We'll be home Wednesday evening. Maybe I'll have some pictures on here
by the weekend.

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