Thursday, July 23, 2009

Splitting Up

No, not that kind of splitting up! We love each other and we're in
this together no matter what!

We are still on vacation in Virginia, but this week we have done a lot
of splitting up. Monday we went into D.C., but left Ben with Grandma.
We knew it was going to be a lot of walking and he's got short legs.
He had fun playing games and feeding the fish in the lake with
Grandma. We visited the American History Museum, the Library of
Congress, and the Bureau of Engraving to see how our money is made.

Tuesday and Wednesday Greg and I went to Williamsburg all by
ourselves! We had a great time without our boys visiting Jamestown,
Yorktown, and Colonial Williamsburg learning about our country's
history. They had a great time visiting Laray Caverns with Grandma and
Grandpa on Tuesday and hanging out with Aunt Jan and their cousin
Hannah on Wednesday.

We are split up again today too. Greg and Zachary drove up with Dad to
see David (Greg's brother) in the hospital. He's at Walter Reed about
3 hours from here. He finally had surgery late Tuesday night and is
recovering. His condition was way more serious than anyone thought. He
had bone pressing into his spinal cord. I think he will be coming home

This has been kind of a different vacation for us. But we are having
fun. We'll just be glad when David is home.

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Our life is a bowl of Barry's said...

So glad surgery went well. After he feels better from the initial surgery I hope he feels a whole lot better! Can't wait to see pictures from DC...we keep following in your vacation footsteps! was cancelled due to rain this Tuesday

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