Sunday, September 13, 2009

A new season

We had the first games of the new soccer season yesterday. You'll notice that Jon and Ben are wearing green this year instead of red. They are still with the same teams, but the teams moved to a different club.

Ben's game was first. His team is playing up a year which means they are playing kids a year older than them. Their age group still plays 4 on 4 on a small field with no goalies. The coach thought they were ready for bigger challenges. Apparently it was the right decision. They won 6-1!
After a 45 minute drive to the complete opposite end of the city, it was Jon's turn. Zach was his ref. He takes his job very seriously.

The team they played really should be playing competitively (we're in a rec league - just for fun!). We had already heard that they like to run up the score. And they did. It would have been much worse had their coach not pulled them back in the second half. And still our guys could not get the ball in the net. The final was 0-11. But the guys never quit. Jonathan played goalie at the beginning.

This one he managed to block. Most of them were over his head and there was no way he could even get to them.

All three boys did great and I'm proud of them.

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