Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Old friends

Some old friends of ours came to dinner last night.

They are missionaries. Missionaries to a place where missionaries are not legally allowed.

We met Troy and Trudy before they were missionaries, even before they were Troy and Trudy. We've followed along as they followed God's plan for their life. We've kept in touch through email's and newletters. We were thrilled when they emailed and asked if we could meet while they were in town this time.

What an amazing time we had hearing about the work they have done and will do when they go back (to where missionaries are not allowed) this summer. I love that my boys got to have a meal with missionaries - real people who are just doing what God has called them to do. I think we sometimes have an "I could never do that" mentality about missionaries. But Troy was "just" and engineer at Intel and Trudy was "just" a nurse. But God called them. And God is using them.

And then Greg said something that scared me just a little. He said to our friends, "We've gotten to a place in our lives where we're comfortable. But God doesn't call us to be comfortable." I'm not sure where God will lead us, but I know he is working in us.

Please pray for Troy and Trudy.


Kristen said...

Your hubby is saying scary stuff like my hubby!

The Wades said...

I'll pray.

Glad you had a chance to catch up.

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