Monday, April 12, 2010


Amy didn't get any better over the weekend. She was still yelping for no reason, laying around, and not wanting to move. So I took her to the vet this morning. Of course at the vet, she acts like there's nothing wrong. No yelping, even when the doctor pushes and prods all over her. The vet called it "the vet effect", something about all the adrenaline masking the pain. As soon as we get home she's yelping again.

So anyway, they think she might have sprained or strained something in her back. They gave us pain medication for five days and said to bring her back in a week if she's not better. The pain pills are working. She's looking better.

And here's some pics I took last week of Kona. And let me just say I LOVE!!! Before editing Kona had green glowing eyes. And it was so easy. I have Photo Shop Elements, but I can never figure out how to do the things I want. is soooo much easier!

He loves to play ball with Zach.

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The Wades said...

Poor Amy! I hope she's feeling better soon. Guess they're just like babies--can't tell us what's wrong. Kona is so huge now! She turned out to be a beautiful dog.

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