Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Black fingers and a sick dog

We took another step on our adoption journey yesterday. We met with a social worker at CYFD to fill out paperwork and get fingerprinted. And now Greg and I have black fingers. That is some serious ink they use!

The boys asked us why we had to get fingerprinted. I told them they wanted to make sure we weren't criminals. They laughed.

So now we wait for our fingerprint checks to come back and then our file gets handed over to a contracted social worker who will do our homestudy.

This whole process is going way faster than I expected. It hasn't even been a month since we made the decision to adopt. But I know it will probably be months or even a year before we have a child in our home. We learned a little more yesterday about how matching happens and it can sometimes take a while.

What's weird for me is that I can't even begin to imagine what life will be like with a new addition. When you are pregnant, you know you will end up with a baby and you sort of know what that will be like. But right now we have know idea who will be joining us or how old she will be or what her background is or what challenges we might face with her. But we are trusting God. He knows who she is!

On another note, I think we have a sick dog. Amy (9 yr old miniature American Eskimo) has not been herself for a few days not. She is usually very energetic, but she has been walking slowly, not excited about anything and she sometimes yelps like she's in pain when we pet her or even when no one has even touched her. She is eating. I'm just not sure what the problem is. If she doesn't improve in another day or two we'll be heading to the vet.


The Wades said...

I bet that is weird--not knowing who or what age your daughter will be. It's great that you two have such amazing faith.

Can't wait to see her. :)

Mary said...

Best of luck as you wait to adopt- I'm looking forward to reading about what the future holds for you!

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