Monday, April 26, 2010


Benjamin had his last soccer game of the season on Saturday.

It was a good game, tied until the last couple of minutes when the other team scored the winning goal.

Jonathan had what is probably his last game - ever. And what a game.

It was probably the most competetive, fun, exciting game we've ever had. Both teams' parents were cheering like crazy - even some parents who usually say nothing! It too, was tied until the last MINUTE, when the other team scored. Why couldn't that ref had blown the whistle just a little sooner.

Yeah, that's Greg. He was the ref.

Jonathan had a great pass to a teammate who scored. He has had a great season but is ready for a change, so he has decided to become a youth referee next fall. He'll still get to enjoy soccer, but start earning money in the process.

Zachary missed all the soccer excitement because he had to work! He's still in the training process, but he likes it so far.

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