Monday, June 28, 2010

The Race

Our family did something last night that we've never done before. We ran a race together.

Greg has been running regularly since January and has already done a half-marathon. A few weeks ago I started running too. Well, running a little/walking a little. I've worked up to running more and walking less. The boys were running with me for a couple weeks, but that didn't last.
But I decided we all could at least do a 5K (3.1 miles). So Greg signed us up. (Greg did the 10K.) The boys agreed to do it because there would be pizza and ice cream at the finish line.

We did the Cherry Garcia Run. Here are the boys before the race.

The plan was for Zachary to stay with his brothers so I could actually try - since I'm the one that's been running. Well, Zachary and Jonathan took off. So I stayed with Benjamin for about the 2/3 of the race until we caught back up with Zach who was burned out. They stayed together for the rest of the race and finished in about 43 minutes. I managed to catch up with Jonathan and we finished at about 36 minutes. That was actually a pretty good time for me. Maybe going at Benjamin's pace at the beginning actually helped.

Greg finished his 10K in about 51 minutes which was a personal best for him.

Then we all enjoyed Mario's pizza, Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream, and Great Harvest Bread.

I think I'm going to have to find some new running clothes. Our friends Sam and Michelle did the race with us and Michelle looked way cuter than me.

My boys, of course, look adorable no matter what they wear!

I'm ready to do it again. I asked the boys this morning if they would do another one. Zach said no. Jonathan said yes. Benjamin said "Only if I'll get a medal"!

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