Monday, September 27, 2010

Too many projects?

I'm usually only working on one or two knitting projects at a time. Somehow I have way more than that right now.

I started this baby blanket out of leftovers a couple months ago. Not too much more to go.

I'm making this blanket for my friend Alyson. (Hope she doesn't read this!) Her mom, who only has a few weeks left to live, gave me this yarn. So I decided to make it into a blanket and give it back to the family. I'm about 1/3 of the way through it.
This project is actually crochet. I'm doing the crochet-a-long on the Bernat blog. I'll get instructions for new squares each week. I'm looking forward to improving my crochet skills along the way. I'm not looking forward to sewing all those squares together in the end.

I'm making these cupcake hats, pattern from, for my friend Kristen to sell in her Etsy store. All the proceeds go the The Mercy House, the ministry she is starting in Kenya, Africa to help pregnant girls living on the streets. I'm trying to see how many I can get done before my trip to Houston next week when I'll see her. I'm on my 4th.

Plus I've been commissioned to knit a pair of socks from this WWII era Red Cross pattern for the brother of a friend who does WWII reenactments. The yarn will be here later this week and I'll have to get started on those right away as I'm actually getting paid for them.

Who knows when I'll get around to using my pretty sock yarn. I think it will be a while!

And finally...

This is not a knitting project, but these boys sure are cute!

Happy knitting! or crocheting! or whatever it is you love to do!


Kristen said...

you.are.amazing. said...

Oh I wish I had the pattern for the cupcake hat - so adorable! My youngest SIL would love that for her little one. Did you design it yourself?

And the first blanket is so cute. Kinda log cabin pattern, but not. Love it!

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