Monday, October 04, 2010

What's up?

It seems I can only manage one post a week these days. So here's what we've been up to.

We did some volunteering last week. Galloping Grace Youth Ranch (where the boys rode horses this summer) has a pumpkin patch for a fundraiser every year. This year they've moved to a bigger location. That means lots of work getting it ready. So we went Friday afternoon to see what we could to to help. We got to finish putting together the corn maze. Basically we taped corn stalks to fencing. It was hot, but the boys hung in there and we were able to get it finished.

We went to two concerts. Thursday night Greg and I attended the Rascal Flatts concert with my friend Cari and her family. She's got pictures on her blog if you want to take a look. It was a great concert!

Saturday night, we took all the boys to a NM Symphony pops concert. They played big band music. Zach loved it (he loves big band), Jon was impressed with the drummer's one-handed roll, and Benjamin - well, he was happy when it was over.

I'll be attending another concert this week. I'm flying to Houston Thursday to see Steven Curtis Chapman and family. Oh, and to see my family too. And my friend Kristen. I'm taking her 6 cupcake hats to sell in her Etsy store.

As for our adoption, still waiting. And I'm good with that. It's not CYFD's job to find kids for us. It's their job to find families for kids who need one. So we wait and trust God to bring us the girl/girls who need us.

It's Balloon Fiesta week here in Albuquerque. Greg will probably take the boys Friday. Maybe I'll have some balloon pics for you next week.

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