Friday, October 22, 2010

The dreaded strep

Three of the five of us have fallen victim to the dreaded strep.

It all started last week with a badly scraped knee (which was my fault - because I told them to play outside!). By Friday, Jonathan's knee was red and swollen. By Saturday, he was starting to feel sick and I finally figured out the knee was infected. After a trip to urgent care and some antibiotics, he was on the mend.

By Sunday night, Benjamin was not feeling well. By Monday afternoon, he was feeling awful and I was starting to suspect strep throat. After a trip to the doctor Tuesday morning and a swab of his throat, it was confirmed: strep throat. So now we have two bottles of nasty pink medicine in the fridge.

I was starting to think Jonathan also had strep. We still haven't quite figured out if it could be related to the infected knee or just a coincidence.


By Wednesday night, Greg is starting to get a sore throat and hoping he doesn't have strep too. By noon Thursday, he's sure he does, but can't get to a doctor because he doesn't have a car. (The van is in for repairs.) So he stays at work trying not to breathe on anyone, until I can pick him up after Benjamin's piano lesson (he's better). I take him to urgent care (it's strep), then to pick up the van. Then he goes home and crashes, while I go pick up Zach from work and take all the boys shopping for jeans - cause it's cold and everyone outgrew last year's jeans and I didn't plan ahead.

And now it's Friday. Greg still feels like crap and is bummed because he missed the runway dedication ceremony for Spaceport America that he was supposed to attend today.

I'm just praying Zach and I stay strep free.


Anonymous said...

That happend to us about 10 years ago. It was a bummer. I was the only one that didn't get it. I'll pray you and Zach stay healthy! said...

Oh yuck! I bet you are cleaning every door handle!

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