Friday, November 12, 2010

Smashed Van

We got that call this week that you never want to get. "Mom, I just had an accident."

Here's the result of that accident.

Thanks to a seatbelt and airbag, Zachary is fine. My poor van, not so much. The repair estimate was $15,000. Since it was 7 1/2 years old and had 115,000 miles on it - that means totaled. So I guess we'll be shopping for a new (used) van next week.

The accident happened when Zach was driving to his saxophone lesson. He was waiting at a light to turn left off a busy street. The light turned yellow. He thought everyone was stopping. Someone wasn't. Zachary was not ticketed, but given a warning for "failing to yield". The other driver went to the hospital with "chest pains from the seatbelt". We haven't heard anything else about her.

I'm really sad about losing my van. I know it's just a vehicle, but I loved it. It had a built in DVD player. It told me the temperature. It was scratched and dented, but perfect for our family. I am so thankful Zachary wasn't injured and I'm trying to have the right attitude about this. "Things" don't matter. People do.

Drive safe!

3 comments: said...

Oh Robin... have totaled my van {with all four kids in the van} I understand how heartbroken you are.

I have prayed that God will bless you with the perfect replacement.

Renee said...

It just occurred to me that maybe God is telling you that you will need a different vechicle to accomodate more children when you get the call from foster care. Love you.

Michelle said...

I'd say you do have the right attitude--you're so grateful your son is fine. It's OK to wish the van wasn't gone--you're only human!!

I'm with you, praise God Zach is not hurt. That whole yielding on yellow business can be tricky. I bet both drivers are more careful next time.

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