Monday, December 06, 2010


I check our state's Heart Gallery online every week to see if there is anyone new listed that we might be interested in for our adoption. Last Thursday afternoon I checked again and saw that there were two new girls listed. They were 9 and 12, sisters. "Too old for us," I thought and went on about my day. We've been thinking 7 and under, younger than Benjamin.

But I woke up thinking about them the next morning. And couldn't stop thinking about them. I went back to the website to look at them again. I cried. I finished getting ready for the day. I cried some more. I showed the boys their picture. More crying. I sent Greg the link and texted him. He called me back and said, "Let me think about it." He did and we talked that night. I sent an email Saturday expressing our interest and requesting more information.

I received an email this morning from their social worker. She will be reviewing our homestudy. I guess they have to see if we would be a good fit before we get more information. It seemed she was excited that we were asking about the girls. She used multiple explanation points!

So here we are almost nine months into this adoption journey looking at a completely different situation than what we originally thought. We started out thinking about a 2 or 3 yr old. Had to adjust to a 5 to 7 yr old due to CYFD's foster/adopt rules. And now we're looking at a 9 and 12 year old. But my heart is open to these girls and I can "see" it. I can picture them in our family.

We don't know much about them yet other than their ages and that they have some minor medical issues. These might not be the girls for us, but God is definitely working in our hearts. We want His will. This adoption is about being the hands and feet of Jesus and sharing his love. If He asks us to love a 9 yr old and a 12 yr old with a difficult past and "issues", then we will. And He will give us the strength and patience to deal with whatever comes.

Stay tuned!


Kristen said...

This makes me cry.
I love you. said...

Oh Robin, praying for God to make your paths clear. said...

I often read your blog, but haven't commented until now. Your family sounds wonderful, that might be exactly what these two girls need in their lives, acceptance and love. This post made me cry, thinking of all the possibilities that could come from this. God bless you and your family and you are in my prayers. Take care!

Michelle said...

I think it is amazing you even considered these sisters. Like it was said on fb, God has the right little girl(s) picked out for your precious family.

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