Wednesday, February 16, 2011

One week in...

The girls have been here a week now, and I already can't imagine life without them. I was so completely overwhelmed last week and really wondered how we were going to do this. But we take each day as it comes and we are all falling in love.

J (5) has a lot of appointments and visits and I wasn't sure how I was going to handle all of that. But we just want to do everything we can to help her. She had a rough time a couple evenings ago, dealing with the loss of her other foster family. Her reaction to things bothering her is to shut down and not talk. But she finally cried and verbally expressed missing her other Mom and Dad. We are just loving her through everything right now. We give lots of hugs! She really is a sweet girl.

M (1) is doing amazingly well. She is such an easy baby. We've already gotten on a good schedule. Now if I could just get her to sleep past 6 am! She is crawling and just yesterday pulled up to standing. (Not sure if that is new for her.) She has done a lot more exploring today, crawling all around seeing what she can get into. I think she is starting to attach to me. She got really upset tonight when I left to take Jonathan to church. No one likes to see a baby cry, but if she's crying when I leave that's a good thing.

Greg is completely smitten too, I think. He had the girls last night when I went to band rehearsal. He got the girls to bed and even combed out J's hair (she has a very thick, long hair).

The boys doing great and love their new sisters. Jonathan and Zach love carrying M around. I pretty sure she will be spoiled rotten very soon! Benjamin and J love to play on the trampoline together. They are so cute together. He needed a little sister.

As for the future... It looks like we will be able to adopt M and we will get started on that process soon. We just don't know about J yet. Her situation is more complicated. But we are hoping and praying that we can adopt her too.

I have to say I am in tears every day thanking God for these beautiful girls. Life has not been fair to them and they have had to deal with more than any child ever should. But I know that God has uniquely prepared us and is equipping us to love these girls with His love. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are smack dab in the center of His will. That's a good place to be.


Anonymous said...

Awesome on all counts, Robin! It's beautiful! Blessing!

Kristal said...

Oh Robin, I feel your Mama heart so much. Praying for all the needs to be met perfectly.

Kristen said...

I felt so emotional reading this. It's been amazing watching this unfold. Worth the wait, huh? And being in the center of His will is awesome-not always easy, but still awesome.

Michelle said...

LOVE this. What a beautiful recap of an emotional week.

Mamalion Kara said...

How much fun! Glad things are going well. Thrilled that you get a trampoline! My kids miss ours so much, but in Texas NO TRAMPOLINES!. Sad. I hear they may be coming back, but with restrictions. Who knows! My kids would be thrilled! Have fun!
(you commented on my adoption post on See Jamie Blog....that is how I found you).

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