Tuesday, May 17, 2011

This and that

We had a home visit from another social worker to update our homestudy for M's adoption. She still needs to talk to Zach, but then it should be finished quickly. At least things are moving.

We had a meeting with workers from RCI who will be working with M on her developmental delays. What's really funny is a lot of the things she wasn't doing 3 weeks ago when they did her assesment she is now doing. We will have a developmental specialist come once a week to work on language and self help skills. I don't really think we are going to need this help for long. She's already catching up.

We decided that we will drive to Virginia for our vacation this summer. We did it several years ago when Ben was the same age as M is now and said we would never do it again. But after adding up the cost of 6 plane tickets (M wouldn't need a ticket) and a mini-van rental, we decided that was just too much money. So if we want to see the family we have to drive. 5 kids in a van for 3 days. Should be an adventure!

Still no news on J's case. :(

Jon and Ben finish school on Friday! Zach still has 3 or 4 weeks left, depending on how hard he works at getting things finished.


Kristal said...

Traveling with littles is such an adventure. I make "surprise" bags and every now and then they get to choose out of them. This way they have something new to play with throughout the trip.

Anonymous said...

Driving...always an adventure! :)

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