Friday, May 06, 2011


Greg, Jon, and Ben left yesterday afternoon for homeschool band camp. So it's just me and the girls for a couple days. (Well, Zach is home today, but busy with school work.) J had a hard time last night. She has trouble with any kind of change. But she's doing better today.

J has a new social worker. Her worker showed up for her visit today with the new one. The new one is an adoptive worker and they want us to sign an intent to adopt. But the CYFD attorney still has not filed the TPR. More waiting, uggh. The biggest issue is that we want to take vacation in July and don't want to purchase plane tickets and then get a court date while we are gone, but we can't wait too much longer.

I get a night out! Some friends at our old church are doing a parent's night out as a fundraiser. I asked the social worker and we are able to take the girls to things like this. J's visit with her dad tonight got canceled (he's sick), so I'm taking them and going to a movie! I think I'll see Soul Surfer.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. I'm sure going to enjoy this first one as the mom of girls!


Kristal said...

Enjoy your night out! I'll be praying your time without the other boys will go smoothly!

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day Robin! Smile and enjoy. Lynette

Bobbie said...

Happy (late) mother's day, esp. your first one with girls! I'm waiting for my first one with boys. I might be waiting awhile!

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