Thursday, June 09, 2011

Court hearing

We had the permanency planning hearing for J's case this week. It was about what I expected, pretty much just a formality. Nothing changes. We did find out a little more about why the girls were removed from the other foster home. Everything said about us and how J is doing in our care was very positive. The important court date is the TPR hearing July 12. However the attorneys think we won't finish that day, so we have a second date of August 2 to finish. So hopefully we'll have termination by then. But then there will probably be an appeal which will drag everything out several more months. Learning patience!!!

The good news is that M's case is moving along. We will have our disclosure meeting next Friday. We will get to see all her records and make our final decision about adopting (we already made that decision!). Her adoption could be finalized in 3-4 months!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a very positive day, Robin! :)

Kristal said...

I'm so glad things are moving along... although seemingly slowly - but in God's perfect timing!

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