Sunday, July 03, 2011


Have we really been gone a week already? We are having a great time here in Virginia.

The 3 day drive went amazingly well! J did great in the car, but did have a pretty big meltdown the 2nd night in the hotel-not fun, but we got through it. I really can't believe how well M did in the car. The only time she really got upset was the last hour of each day. But by that time, you just keep going! Zach did a great job keeping her entertained.

Our family here has just completely welcomed these girls into their hearts. It's a beautiful thing. M has already figured out that the best place to be is in Grandpa's arms.

I'll share more later. We're almost to my neice's house. I just love being here with this amazing family I married in to.

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Kristal said...

Glad to hear that for the most part the girls are doing well! Enjoy your time with family!

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