Monday, August 22, 2011

New School Year

We started our homeschool year today.

Zachary - Senior (the only picture I got of him today)

Zachary is enrolled in Liberty Online Academy. He will have a diploma and transcript through them when he's done. He'll be taking the SAT in October.

Jonathan - 7th Grade

Benjamin - 4th Grade

Jon and Ben both do Christian Light math, reading, and language. This year we are trying Monarch (an online curriculum) for history and science.

Jon and Zach both do homeschool band. Ben takes piano lessons. Jon and Ben will be playing soccer for the fall and spring.

Our first day went really well. It was a bit of a challenge keeping M entertained, but she did ok. Only 180 more days to go!

1 comment:

Kristal said...

We use Christian Light too... I like it - now my older boys are switching to Teaching Textbooks and I'm VERY excited about that!

Have a great year!

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