Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Name change

When we finalize M's adoption, we get to choose what her legal name will be.  We decided a couple months ago what her name will be.  Her birth name (that we've been calling her) will become her middle name and we are giving her a new first name. 

We didn't want to call her by her new name when J was still with us as we thought that would be confusing to her.  M was called by a different name with the other foster family, so J already had to make the change once.

Now that J is gone (miss that girl!), we've started using both names with her to start getting her used to her new name.  It's been a little weird, but we really think the new name suits her. 

I just hope she's not scarred for life being called by three different names before she's even 2!

I'm sorry I can't share the name here.  Until she's legally ours, I can't share her name or photo online.  If you really want to know (and I know you in real life) send me an email and I'll share.


Kristal said...

I can't wait to hear the name and see pictures!

Ruth Marie said...

Just to give you comfort I was adopted at 6 and had my named changed then and I do still say that Velvet is my first name but go by Ruth which is my adopted name and use it on all my legal papers my parents did not let me keep Velvet as part of my name and I think if it became my middle name it would of helped but I am a healthy happy adult. So dont worry she will be fine just give her lots of love. Oh and i know work in China with orphans and see their name change all the time and doing it slowly works the best most of the kids have had there birth name, the name the orphanage gave them and an English name before their parents name them so they are going on their 4 name.

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