Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Soccer season is upon us!  Jon and Ben both played in their first games Saturday and Jon reffed 2 games as well.

Ready to ref.
Ben (in white) going for the ball.

Jon running hard.

E and Ben at Jon's game.

I'm so proud of both boys.  The team Ben has played on for the last 4 years broke up, so he's playing on a new team.  It wasn't easy for him to jump in with kids he doesn't know, but he has done so well.  His coach is great and he's improving every day.

Jon didn't play last year, but was asked to play on a new team this year.  It's quite a change for him as they now play 11 players on a side and on a full size field.  His team got creamed Saturday, but the boys played hard and now see how much work they have to do to be competitive.

Our schedule will be crazy for the next few weeks with practices 4 nights a week and games on Saturday, but I think it's a great experience for them.


Anonymous said...

Loving the pic Robin! :)

Kristal said...

My sons team looks like it will be breaking up after this season. I'm not sure how he is going to take it... but it will allow us to find a team closer to us.

How does ref'ing go? I think my son would like that, but not sure he could handle the parents...

Anonymous said...

I remember the craziness of soccer season when our kids were in school. We also had the practices, refs, and then two years with a select league for Rebekah. Fun times that I always remember with a smile! Enjoy...Lynette

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