Thursday, January 12, 2012

What's up

Zach had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled last Thursday afternoon.  By Friday evening he was eating pizza.  I've never known anyone to have an easier time with this.  He must have a very high pain tolerance!

Greg took Zach to Dallas this week for a concert - The Legend of Zelda Symphony.  It played in LA last fall and Zach really wanted to go but there was no way.  When we found out it would be in Dallas, Greg decided to take Zach as an early birthday present.  They had a great time and Zach loved the concert.

We found out that Emily is really smart.

The girl recognizes most of the alaphabet.  And I didn't teach her.  We found out by accident that she knows the letters.  I was just playing around with her and was shocked that she was getting almost every letter correct.  I think she learned it from watching a Leapfrog video that she loves and watches over and over.  At this rate she'll be reading before she can talk!

I got a new camera.

Isn't it cute?  I haven't had a chance to play around with it much yet and I don't have an SD card for it yet.  I just checked the tracking on the one I ordered and I think it got lost in the mail.  It says it was delivered Monday, but it wasn't delivered to me! Grrrrr.

My van got smashed.  Again.

I got hit by a flying tire in the middle of the freeway yesterday driving Jonathan to band.  I was able to swerve a little and missed a head-on collision with the tire.  I didn't have to stop and didn't even realize how bad the damage was until I parked and couldn't get my door open.  She's going to need some work!


Catherine said...

The Legend of Zelda symphony sounds amazing! I am definitely going to see if it's going to be anywhere around here - my daughter loves Zelda and wants to study music composition and arranging - just up her alley.

So glad to see that the adoption stuff is going well. I can't imagine having a 2 year old again. What a precious little blessing she must be!

Kristal said...

The camera is so cute - and your daughter is catching on fast!

Sorry about your van - how scary!

Amy said...

How scary to have a tire come flying at you like that! Sorry you have to deal with repairs again.

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