Sunday, January 08, 2012

Birthday girl!

2 years ago I only dreamed of ever having a daughter.  Today I got to celebrate my daughter's 2nd birthday!

I actually didn't see her very much today.  I was singing at church this weekend and left before she was up and didn't get home until her nap time.  Anyway.....

We celebrated her birthday Friday evening with a little party at home.  We invited 2 families from church that Emily has a relationship with.  Both these moms have helped out so much with Emily and with J when we had her.  So thankful for good friends!

Party time!

Then she took the doll out and tried to sit in it herself!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse video.  She loves Minnie!
The boys helped me make these cakepops on ice cream cones.  Super easy and delicious!

We had been practicing "blowing out the candles", but she needed a little help.

 Happy birthday my sweet Emily!!!


Kristal said...

Happy birthday Emily!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Emily! Such great pictures! I love how you are just beaming in the one with you and her! Truly happy for you! :)

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