Monday, March 26, 2012

D-Now and a Princess Potty

Jonathan spent the weekend with nearly 500 other crazy middle and high schoolers at an event called D-Now.  It was a church youth retreat where they had services and games and stayed in host homes.  He had a great time and won the "Smart Sunscreen" award for his team.  Yes, I've trained him well! And he did not get a sunburn unlike the other boy on his team who got the "Worst Sunburn" award. Here's his team pic.

And look what we bought for Emily this weekend.

I couldn't resist the princess theme!  It was only $2 more than the generic orange and green potty!

I'm not really ready to start potty training her, but she is showing signs that she might be ready soon - like last week when she told me she had to go, then didn't, then did ON THE FLOOR IN MY CLOSET! She hasn't actually done anything in the potty yet, but it sure it fun to sit on!

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