Thursday, April 05, 2012

What's up

It seems there's not much going on here to post about.  Life is just ticking along.

It was kind of exciting Tuesday morning when it snowed!  Like more snow than we got all winter!  Then that evening you couldn't even tell it ever snowed.  Crazy New Mexico weather!

Jon and Ben went out and played in it for a bit.  Emily was not happy to be left behind!

Emily is doing great.  Her speech is coming along, although I'm not sure it's because of the speech therapist who comes every week.  She pretty much spends an hour playing with her and telling me I'm doing everything right.  Emily now has 20-25 words she uses regularly and says new ones nearly every day.  My friend Donna says we'll probably be telling her to "please shut up" by the time she's 3!

I took this pic this morning.  We figure she'll either be and artist or a writer!  Right before this Ben was "teaching her to read", writing words and sounding them out for her.  She's got lots of teachers!

Here Ben is singing "Wheels on the Bus" to her - instead of doing schoolwork.  Singing to your sister is more fun!


Have a happy day!

1 comment:

Kristal said...

It snows in New Mexico???

Looks like Emily is doing wonderful.

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