Wednesday, March 07, 2012


Except for band (which will continue until the middle of May), Zachary is finished with high school!!!  We have homeschooled him since 6th grade (except for one semester of high school in 9th grade that didn't turn out well).  There were days I wasn't sure he'd ever finish, but he (we) stuck with it and all the hard work has paid off.  He will participate in a graduation ceremony with other homeschoolers in April and he'll have a diploma from Liberty University Online Academy.

He's not sure what's next.  He says he'll go to college and is interested in film making, but has not made any definite plans yet.  For now he's going to look for another part time job to start putting money in the bank.

I know God has a great plan for his life.  I'm excited to see where He takes him.

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Kristal said...

Congrats! I have three/four more years till my first is graduated.... each year is a new challenge. I hope we can finish the race as homeschoolers!

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